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Retrovirus-host interactions and innate immunity to gene transfer

SR-Tiget Unit
Anna Kajaste-Rudnitski, SR-Tiget Group Leader


Our lab studies the molecular mechanisms of host-vector interplay and innate immunity in the context hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) gene therapy, with particular focus on innate restriction blocks and host responses potentially triggered by the lentiviral vectors used to convey the therapeutic gene into cells. We are also interested in studying these pathways in the context of pathological conditions of the central nervous systems and autoimmune diseases. Overall, we aim to provide insight into how pathogen recognition and consequent innate immune signalling may affect human HSC and hematopoietic development in vivo, with potential broad range clinical impact in the field of gene therapy as well as to shed light on how these same pathways may contribute to autoimmune and inflammatory pathologies.

Motivated young investigators at both pre- and post-doctoral levels interested in these research areas are encouraged to inquire for open positions at any time. Please send CV to kajaste.anna@hsr.it.

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