Vanesa Gregorc

Medical oncology – Phase I and Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Vanesa Gregorc, Clinical Group Leader


Our Institution has a well-established clinical experience with regards to phase II and III trials. The studies are conducted within dedicated Units with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. This organization offers optimal specialty patient’s care addressing different malignancies and provide an outstanding setting to evaluate new anticancer therapies. The research activity focused on lung cancer group is divided into two main areas: no profit and pharmaceutical companies sponsored trials. Non profit trials are focusing on improving knowledge on molecular mechanisms related to new and standard therapies, specific toxicities and pathways of drug resistance for defining personalized therapies. Our experience with regards to Phase I studies started in 2003, with a new antiangiogenic molecule (NGR-h-TNF) which has been discovered and fully characterized at DIBIT Laboratory and than subsequently tested in first-in human trials at Department of Oncology. Since than several phase I studies have been conducted. We are currently improving our knowledge in pre-clinical drug development in order to promote first-in human studies.


Medical oncology – Phase I and lung cancer clinical trials
Luca Gianni Head of Unit
Vanesa Gregorc Clinical Group Leader
Alessandra Bullotta Physician
Francesca Colonese Physician
Teresa Fabozzi Physician
Silvia Foti Physician
Maria Grazia Viganò Physician
Simona Longoni Research Nurse


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