Giovanni Tonon

Functional genomics of cancer

Giovanni Tonon, Head of Unit

While great progress has been made in recent years toward a better understanding of the molecular basis and in the development of more effective preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools, prognosis for many different forms of cancers remains dismal. High-throughput genomic technologies have shed light on the multifaceted lesions, both genetic and epigenetic, that characterize tumor cells and reinforced the notion that only a comprehensive understanding of these lesions would allow a more incisive and ultimately effective cancer treatment. The goal of the laboratory of Functional Genomics of Cancer is to contribute to unravel the genes and mechanisms causative of a selected group of epithelial and hematological cancers, using the most recent genomic and epigenomic technologies, and to rigorously validate the resultsemerging from these analysis. Cancer is a devastating burden for patients and their families. Our ambition is to provide the scientific community with a fully validated set of genes and pathways that could become targets for focused therapeutic strategies.

Lab members

Functional genomics of cancer
Giovanni Tonon Head of Unit
Michela Frenquelli Postdoc fellow
Manuela Occhionorelli Postdoc fellow
Simona Segalla Postdoc fellow
Marco Gaviraghi PhD student
Alessio Lupi PhD student
Beatrice Rondinelli PhD student
Benedetta Santoliquido PhD student
Elena Antonini Technician
Stefano Ventura Informatician


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