Lucia Lopalco

Immunobiology of HIV

Lucia Lopalco, Group Leader

Our Unit focuses on the study of both mucosal and systemic correlates of HIV protection in order to define the structure-immunogenicity applied to the host-virus relationship. The evidence of the existence of subjects who, despite multiple exposures to HIV-1, remain seronegative (referred to as ESN) opens on the possibility that some of these subjects may be "spontaneously vaccinated/cured" and so the study of their antiviral response may reveal resistance mechanisms that could be translated in new strategies against HIV transmission.

Lab members

Immunobiology of HIV
Adriano Lazzarin Head of Unit
Lucia Lopalco Group Leader
Assunta Venuti Postdoc fellow
Riccardo Miglietta Fellow
Claudia Pastori Technician


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