Daniela Cirillo

Emerging bacterial pathogens

Daniela Maria Cirillo, Head of Unit


Increasing levels of drug resistance are threatening to erode the medical advances of recent decades. The social causes contributing to the spread of antibacterial resistance are somehow paradoxical. In some settings − especially in resources limited countries − the under use of drugs or the use of low quality drugs encourages the development of resistance. In wealthy countries, resistance is the opposite reason − the overuse of drugs − that is driving the emergency of resistance. Regardless of where drug resistance originates, globalization, increased travel and trade ensure that these strains quickly travel elsewhere. The laboratory focuses his activities on the study of two major problems related to this issue: • the pathogenetic mechanisms leading to Drug resistant tuberculosis; • the study of multidrug resistant bacterial strains isolated and spreading in nosocomial environment. The Unit is recognized by WHO as Collaboranting Centre, Supranational Reference Laboratory for MDR-TB control and as ESCMID collaborative center.